The Cost of Innovation: 30 Million Lives

The cost of innovation . the cost of innovation. researchers poring over 30 years of data from formula one, or f1, racing teams found that in some cases the teams who performed best were the ones that did not adopt cutting-edge technology and rather focused on the basics. the four f1 teams that experimented with […]

Quick Update

You can also view and download your purchased product versions by signing into your intuit account *. show me how.. my account * available for u.s. customers only. Updates it’s been a busy week in the background and i wanted to let readers know what’s been happening behind the scenes. the wall of fame has […]

Vicious Sleep Cycle: Hashimoto’s Disease, Depression, and Diabetes

Living with hashimoto’s thyroiditis, this writer’s physical health isn’t the only thing affected. the vicious cycle of hashimoto’s thyroiditis. it’s a vicious cycle in every way; my mental health is affected by my physical health and vice versa. hashi’s creates such a feeling of isolation and i don’t think anyone really gets. Living with hashimoto’s […]

Piss and Vinegar: Your Body on Ketoacidosis

Ketosis and ketoacidosis might sound similar, but the two are actually (and luckily) not as closely related as you might think—here’s what you need to know.. However, if urine smells like vinegar, or has a very strong odor, it should not be ignored. many factors may contribute to the vinegar smell in your urine, these […]

What is Type-1 Diabetes? How does it differ from Type-2?

Usually, type 1 diabetes in diagnosed in childhood, while type 2 diabetes is typically diagnosed after age 40. but these aren’t hard-and-fast rules. people are getting type 2 diabetes at increasingly younger ages and more adults are getting type 1 diabetes, says shannon knapp, rn, cde,…. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes can certainly have […]

Future of the blog!

Top 25 future blogs. blog-rank >> top 25 blogs in future category. you can review blog rank faqs. blog rank uses over 20 different factors to rank the blogs in any category. some of the factors include:rss membership, incoming links, compete alexa,and technorati ranking, and social sites popularity [learn more about our ranking logic]. Equipping […]