Home Remedies For Control Diabetes And Restore Liver Function

Home remedies for control diabetes and restore liver function human liver anatomy, function, location, parts & diseases – an up-to-date study. the hottest and largest internal organ and the largest gland, liver performs 500+ functions. it is part of both endocrine and exocrine systems. liver size is affected by age, gender, body size and other […]

Diabetes Snacks: Belvita Cracker Review

Get my diabetes hand book here https://bit.ly/2uvs9hn this is a review of the belvita cracker. find out if it is healthy for you or not.. here are 10 tasty yet healthy recipes for type 2 diabetes snacks. keep blood sugar levels even and hunger at bay with healthy snack options. 10 best snacks for type […]

7 Tips To Help You Manage Insulin Therapy

7 tips to help you manage insulin therapy 1. test blood sugar regularly your goal blood glucose (sugar) takes various factors into account such as your age, the time of day, planned activity, and. A. the goal in taking insulin is to control blood sugar. when blood sugar is well controlled, you can prevent diabetes […]

Avoiding Diabetes Scams

There are a lot of diabetes scams out there that you need to be aware of to protect yourself. when it comes to dealing with scams, you need to protect yourself financially, physically, and emotionally. if you’re not careful, the first way that a diabetes scam can harm you is financially. you don’t want to […]

Dr Marlene, The Blood Pressure Solution

However, we now realize that it is possible for increased numbers of bacteria to build up in the small intestine, resulting in a condition called small intestine bacterial overgrowth, or sibo.. this is where the issue lies: an overgrowth of methanogens in the small intestine.. "my doctor says i have a fatty liver and i […]